Saturday, March 9, 2013

zamo at sdai!

Last night was the opening reception for the Zamorano student exhibition at SDAI, the San Diego Art Institute. The museum is located right in the heart of Balboa Park.

The exhibit featured the work of 36 of our talented students and over 20 of them and their families were able to make it to the reception:) I saw so many smiling faces last night!

The exhibit is a showcase of the immense talent and creativity that students have when given the chance to create and express themselves on a regular basis.

The exhibit is also an opportunity to share the hard work of our art department, who guide our students through gaining an understanding of the different elements of art so that those students can create visually striking works of art. The other members of the Zamo art team are Kathi Arinduque, Danielle Guimond, and Melony Vance.

A special thanks to the education team at SDAI for putting on these student exhibits throughout the year and including Zamorano in their exhibit rotation!


  1. Congrats! It all looks fantastic. Those kids must be so proud.

  2. This is an amazing and inspiring example of teaching and learning at its best! Congratulations!