Monday, March 11, 2013

blowing bubbles.

Spring is in the air:)

My daughter was playing with a gallon full of bubble solution at her brother's birthday party a couple weeks ago and poured most of it out on the lawn. Doh! It was around this time I came across the poster below, by Telegramme Studio in London.

Bobby Evans is the illustrator and designer behind all of Telegramme's creations. Bobby does a lot of designs for musicians and bands, but also does work for a wide variety of other clients. I like the weathered, vintage, letterpress feel of many of his images. They're clean designs with a bit of a rough edge to them.

This project would allow my kindergarten students (age 5) to practice drawing and cutting skills. I shared the image with my students and we identified what the person was doing, what kind of shape we saw a lot of, and what sizes of those shapes we saw.

After that, the students and I got to work. We drew out the hand shape together. This was the most challenging part of the exercise, but I feel that it also added a lot of character to each of the designs. No two were alike. I did put a dot on their paper, so we all started in the same place and the hands wouldn't be super small in the final drawings.

They then colored the hand. I asked them to press hard, so that the color looked nice and bold. The wand came next, followed by a few hand drawn bubbles. I asked them to use big, medium, and small circles here. When they colored the bubbles in they were supposed to press softly, so they could add a shadow too.

Once they were finished coloring the bubbles and they had added a "C" shadow on one side of them, they were ready for some cutting. Each student got two pieces of paper. One square had a large pre-drawn circle on it, the other was folded and had a one medium and one small circle on it. Students cut out these bubbles and placed them where they wanted them to go. I wanted them to lay them all out before gluing to get them to start thinking about planning in art. Then they got gluing:)

The final step was to add simple designs to a few of their cut out bubbles to give their designs a little visual variety.

I also did this lesson with our moderate/severe special day class. I am working on developing their fine motor control. They have done some collage work with me before. I pre-cut the shapes that they need for each project. I have been working with them on holding gluesticks and crayons correctly and firmly so they can add glue or leave bold marks on their paper.  Some of the students require assistance with this, while others are more independent. This class did a great job with this project. 

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