Monday, May 6, 2013

glazing away on a rainy day.

The first 4 2nd grade classes got to glaze their Lisa Farris inspired pinch pot creatures today. They were, shall I say, just a little excited about it:)

Instead of coming in and finding their pre-placed nametags, I had students sit at table that had the main color they wanted to use on their pots. When students finished applying at least 2 coats of that color, they could move to another glaze table to apply more. The students repeated this until they were done glazing and then they brought their pieces to me, so I could sponge the bottom and place it on a kiln shelf.

This set up has worked very well. I remember seeing Rina from k6art pin it earlier in the year:) It saves on brush cleanup and glaze waste.

I'm looking forward to cracking the kiln tomorrow and seeing what we got!

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  1. I just loaded the last kiln fire of the school year. Ahhhh. What a great way to set up the tables for glazing.