Thursday, February 6, 2014

mini fig selfies.

The lego center in my classroom is a huge draw, so it was just a matter of time I turned to it for drawing inspiration. (I had actually already turned to it for a 4th grade project that failed, but this one has been a big success:)

This lesson focused on making flat shapes into 3d solids and understanding fractions and proportion.
To start the lesson I told the kids they would be making self portraits, insert some groans from the kiddos here, but that they would look a little different than they really look. I then used my doc cam to show them a couple minifigs.

We talked about the reflections and shadows we saw on them and how these things make the minifigs look round and solid. Without these elements they would look flat like paper.

We also looked at how the minifig is broken down into thirds. The head/neck, are about the same size as the torso, and they are both about the same size as the legs. We have worked with fractions the last couple of lessons, so this was another opportunity to see how they are applied in art and nature.

This ol' guy with a little less gray and a little more hair:)

We marked the drawing paper with 4 guidelines for the end point of the 3 parts and then drew out each part lightly with pencil. We basically made a blank figure and then I showed them how they could add hair, expressions, and personal details. They could dress their selfies with the clothes they wore that day, a favorite outfit, what they want to be when they grow up, etc.

Students traced their lines in marker, cleaned them up with an eraser, and then added color value by pressing hard to soft. The students really enjoyed this project. At the end they completed an exit slip that got them thinking about their process.


  1. Oh I really like these! Super cool. I know my kids will love it too! Btw I voted for you

  2. You never outgrow Legos! My adult son and friend still sometimes will build with them (late at night, after a couple of beers) when they are visiting. Fun lesson in shading/value. I particularly love the hair on the last one.

    For some bizarre reason (I think it's the glasses) your mini-fig keeps making me think of Walter White, even though it has hair. ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing this great project! I followed the link you posted on the art of ed site. sfbs_noartnolife