Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a little help cutting.

I ordered some adaptive scissors this year for my mild/moderate and moderate/severe art classes. They just arrived this week, so we got to try them out in with the class today.

I'm pretty stoked on how they worked and how comfortable the kids were using them compared to the scissors we have been using. They have a good amount of spring in them, and it's easier to guide a child's hand with these because of that. Some of the kids used them on their own and some I helped by putting my hand over theirs and we squeezed together.

I revisited a Bauhaus house collage I did a few years ago for this project.


  1. I purchased the same pair along with another style and was also happy with the initial success my students had with them. The only problem is the students using them aren't the most careful and both pairs broke within one school year. Maybe you'll have better luck.

  2. As I was taking the photos of them today, I looked at the thin plastic band, and wondered about what kind of life span they will have. we'll see...