Thursday, February 13, 2014

odds and ends:)

The 2nd graders have been identifying symmetry in prints this week. If they finish early they may go to the lego center and create something. They can make anything, but I ask them to attempt to create symmetry. At the end of class, students can come up to my doc cam and share with the class. WE then play the super fantastic game, "symmetry- yes or no?"

This has been a fun way to wrap up classes this week. As we move forward this year, I think I will put more creative restrictions on the lego center to challenge my budding builders:)

Below is a sneak peek of a relief paper sculpture project I'll be rolling out with the 5th graders next week. It's inspired by the work of California artist Erik Abels. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these go.

And lastly, I have a thing for carrying around star wars figures and taking pics of them in different settings. Today I had a little fun at school;)

Boba looking for parts.

Luke tending the Zamorano crops.

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