Thursday, May 22, 2014

bright birdies bathing.

Almost there...

I've been up to my ears in clay and chalk for the past couple weeks and I have one more day of clay construction with my 1sts and 4ths to go. (Glazing is another story...)

The 1st graders have been working with texture and 3d solids as they make clay birds and birdbaths. We have been reviewing rectangular prisms, spheres, and cylinders. 
We have been getting a lil' funky with the "turn and squeeze" as we make our spheres;)

The kids have been very excited to work with clay and then to paint their pieces. I returned the first batch to classrooms today and it's always so cool to see and hear the kids' reactions to the brightly colored magical shininess that they get to hold and marvel at as it gets placed in their hands for the first time:)

We have taken trips to the art patio to see our "clay ovens" where things get so hot they have to be kept in a cage on our art patio.

Almost half the 1st grade projects are glazed and fired:)

We split up the clay projects between 4 of our art teachers due to storage issues and we save a lot of it for the tail end of the year for said issues as well. Our kilns have been humming along each and every day for the past few weeks. Between the 1st and 4th graders I've got right now, over 500 kids have been working with clay the past couple weeks with just me. Our 5th graders have been glazing their wheel thrown pots with Ms. Pothier and our 2nd graders have been making a variety of pinch pot birds with Miss Danielle. We have quite the production going on right now!

I had pinned this project from Theresa Gillespie over at Splats, Scraps, and Glue Blobs a while back. I'm so glad I finally got to give it a go. We didn't use the glass beads to create the water a the bottom though. I was planning on it, but didn't want to spend more out of my pocket to do it, so we rolled with translucent aquamarine glaze instead.

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