Wednesday, May 21, 2014

more cool cacti!

More of the 4th graders have finished their Joshua Wiley inspired cacti drawings and I had to share some because, um, they are rocking it! So many rad variations on the theme in terms of color and composition. So much success across the board in terms of creating 3d volumes with light and dark color values:)


 This one and the one above were made by twins. They both got mad skills.

Red hot!

Cliffside cacti.

Cool cacti and background patterning.

 I just LOVE this one. The shapes, the glowing blue field...

The cactus stands alone.

Reminds me of Super Mario.


  1. Beautiful. I also bet your students will take a different look at backyard cacti and succulents in the future.

  2. What media did they use? Are they on black paper?

    1. Most of them are on black. Some are also on purple, magenta, and blue. They used chalk pastels and/or crayola colorsticks, which are like richly pigmented colored pencils.