Tuesday, May 13, 2014

narrative or no.

Last week the 5th graders took a look at the work of Georgina Hounsome, as well as how graphic novels and comic books use multiple panels on a page. The 5th graders have worked with unity a lot this year and I wanted them to think about what they would do if they needed to tell a story or fill a collection of panels with engaging images.

This project had them working with cut and torn shapes, implied distance through color value, and in some cases, narrative story telling.

The panels could be any shape, as long as they could still fit cut or torn shapes inside.

Students created a skateboard deck shape first, because, duh, things are cooler on a deck;), then the panels, then the clouds, then the positive shapes in the panels.


  1. These are really sophisticated! I like how it really makes them thing sequentially about their art....Did the students make preliminary sketches/stories before beginning to cut the paper? Did students have trouble cutting the small silhouetted shapes?

    1. Thanks:)
      Normally, I have them go through more planning with projects (especially my 5ths) but with this one they jumped right in. I emphasized that they should be thinking about their narrative/panels while they were tearing cloud shapes and creating the gray window shapes.
      Some students were challenged by it. I need to bring some back in so they can finish with the black paper step.