Thursday, May 29, 2014

texture magic.

The kinders are working on texture with the help of an illustration by Melanie Mikecz.

We talk about the main characters in Melanie's image, what type of animal they were, and what they can do that other animals can't. 

I then showed them an example of the project and talked about texture.

We drew our chameleons together. We talked about pupil placement and mouth expression. Then I broke out the texture plates and did a demo of the texture rubbing that would fill their lizards and leaves. That's when I got numerous "ooooh, that's magic!" and I  replied, "no kids, that's texture!"

ba da bing;)

Once the kids finished coloring and cutting their chameleons, leaves, and branches, I asked them to place their parts but not to glue them yet. I emphasized that they should place their parts on the paper (PPP) and then glue them on.

I love the variety in these, even though the drawing portion was directed. Easy tie-in to Eric Carle's Mixed Up Chameleon, too:)

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  1. Ok I thought I was SUPER creative to come up with a project very similar to this. Way to burst my bubble! I do have a variation to share: I read the mixed up chameleon, then our lizards have to "camouflage" (science vocab!) in grass with some grass going under and some going over their lizard. This is my very first, basic, scaffold of... wait for it... weaving! I intro paper weaving to my first graders, so this way the under over concept isn't COMPLETELY new. Y'all's turned out great! Keep up the great work! :)