Wednesday, June 11, 2014

fancy pants!

The 2nd graders are working with stencils (CA VA 2.1) and symmetry this week.

I'm sharing an image by Danny Ivan with them and we talk about how the pants in this illustration are not your ordinary, run of the mill pants. They are some seriously fancy pants:)

The creations that the kids are making are not as detailed as Danny's, but I think they are just as fun. Some of the kids responses on their exit slips are a real hoot too.

A number important things for this project-
1. The kids need to make the pants long enough and wide enough for the stencil to create an interesting design on them.
2. The kids need to keep the leftover paper from their cut out pants intact because they need it to act as another stencil to keep the white paper white.
3. The kids need to make big enough shapes on their pattern stencil for enough of the spray paint to go through and decorate the pants.
4. Have things for the kids to do if they finish early. Mine complete their exit slips, clean, and then move on to art centers.

On their exit slips, I'm asking students to identify the steps they needed to complete the project and to tell me where they would wear their fancy pants and why.

 time traveler:)


 skinny jeans!

I can see this project totally as a zentangle design as well. Either black and white or on top of the stencil portion.


  1. I will very much be doing a fancy pants lesson this fall. Can't wait. Thanks!

  2. This lesson is awesome! This would be great for a line/pattern lesson in the beginning of the school year! Love the comments on the kid's exit slips! :)