Thursday, June 5, 2014

the cherry on top;)

I just realized that with the art show, legacy mural, and special projects coming up, that this is the last week of the year that I work with my kinders.

Since that is the case, this lesson serving as the cherry on top of their time with me this year. We continued to talk about texture and then looked at the Spoon Bridge by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Students identified all the things they saw in the photo. We talked about how the artists took a small object and made it really big.

I then told them we would be making our own cherries and spoons out of clay. So many students were stoked about working with clay. 

We made a grass and pond setting, suing lines to create grass and water textures. Then we made a sphere by rolling a chunk of air dry clay, colored it with a crayola marker, and then added a pipe cleaner stem. We made the spoon by tearing an other piece of clay into two parts, rolling one into a long cylinder, made a teardrop shape for the round end, connected them together, and placed the bridge on the landscape.

After the kids finished, I went around and hot glued the cherry to the spoon and the spoon to the ground.

The kids loved this project!
I borrowed this lesson from Miss Oetken:)

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