Monday, December 1, 2014

recharged and thankful.

Back in the saddle once more for the 3 week push to winter break!

But before any more posting about the great work our Zamo kids are doing, I thought I would take a moment to give thanks...

For the family that I am so fortunate to have.
For the friends that I am surrounded by and supported by.
For the colleagues and administration that support the art program we have created at school.
For the colleagues that I have met through blogging and all their wisdom that they have shared with me and others.
For being healthy.
For living in a place that has so much variety to offer- beaches, mountains, forests, deserts.
For working at a place I love and in a career that is so fulfilling to me.

Over Thanksgiving break my family and another took 5 days and camped in Joshua Tree National Park. We love it there so much. Great climbing, scrambling, and exploring. We took our little trailer Cecil and our friends brought their little pop-up Pepe and we had a wonderful time out there. We have been out there several times now and there is always something new to explore. Below are a some photos from the trip:)

 symmetry in Cecil.

 sunrise in the park.

 boys exploring.

 Cecil and Joshua tree.

 the girl drawing with charcoal from the campfire.

 one of the drawings I did.

 tree and sun on our way back from the Hall of Horrors.

near sunset.

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