Tuesday, December 2, 2014

overlapping with Sanna.

This week the 1st graders are focusing on shape. I'm using a print by Sanna Annukka and we are looking at how she uses geometric shapes to make a landscape and how she overlaps some of those shapes to create a sense of front and back.

Sanna's textile designs and prints are just downright delightful. I love the way she uses pattern, shape, and color in her work! Such a great Scandinavian and mid-century flavor to her work.

Since Sanna is a printmaker, I thought this project would be a perfect introduction to relief printing for my 1st graders. They tried it in kinder, too, but it's still pretty new to them and the look on their faces when the print gets peeled off the styrofoam plate is pretty special:)

my favorite response:)


  1. Well, you've done it again. These are just the coolest. Really amazing for first grade, too!

  2. Even more beautiful than last years quilt prints.

  3. Such fab work, they are amazing prints!!
    I am getting addicted to these posts, keep them coming :)

  4. I love these! Your students did a beautiful job. I have to use markers for my next prints.

  5. Hi. Could you explain a bit about your process with the kids and resource materials? Thanks!!

    1. hi there. process- we draw out (scratch into) the design on styrofoam, color the plate with water soluble markers, dampen paper, and transfer marker image to paper. really easy to do. just make sure to remind them that the marker doesn't dry on the styrofoam, so if they rest their hands or arms on it while coloring, they are going to end up printing on those instead of the paper! resource materials were simply anna's website and the focus image:)

  6. Thank you! I enjoy your blog so much. I am looking forward to your Art of Ed presentation. Thank you for being so generous with your ideas!!

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