Thursday, January 15, 2015

a few more days...

Winter break is almost over and I'm getting back in the groove. Planning and writing for art room activities AND I finally started making some works on paper again. This last element has been long overdue. I had been keeping up with my sketchbook, but nothing stand alone.

These pieces are based on sketchbook imagery and photos that I've taken (most of these I post on IG if you are interested in following along:). I bought some gouache to lay down some abstract color fields and then I'm drawing over top with pens and colored pencils. It has felt great doing some creative play every day while making sure the wheels don't fall off at daddy day care.

Whatcha think? I think the bird one is done, but patterns and value changes are still going to be added to the other ones. I've been playing with 8 pieces, going back and forth between them.

 I've been painting in Ethel during the day and drawing on the couch after the kids go to bed:)

 I have wanted to incorporate Zamo into some drawings for a while. I snapped a few photos of playground markings for this series.

 Close up of my daughter's zooble.

 Close up of one of Logan's lego contraptions.