Thursday, April 2, 2015

spring break street art.

Spring break in San Diego... woohoo!

Teaching at a school on a modified year round schedule, the kids and I don't go back until the end of April:) Before then, I've got lots to do. Painting a mural at an elementary school next week, being interviewed about art education programs and title 1 funding, being filmed teaching, going camping with the fam, seeing a couple bands with the missus, and... I think that's it.

Before all that, though, I headed out front last night and drew in the street. Made another chalk mandala. Very light traffic, got to listen to a few birds chirping and the neighborhood bar crowds heading out.

 In progress. Shown with flash. Did it by moonlight so the colors look way more similar when I'm out there ddrawing it.

 Color testing in our driveway under our light. I just had to remember what order the colors were in when I went back out to the street.

Done. Nothing like seeing what the colors actually look like in the daylight:) I'm sure it was an interesting sight for anyone saw me on top of my 10' ladder when I was taking this pic.

 Loved being able to share it with these two monkeys when they got up this morning.

 The boy shot this while I was doing a little traffic touch up.

Morning coffee out on the street. Big and small patterns:) I made that mug in 2002!


  1. Coolest neighbor on the block!

  2. So cool! (Drawing in the street wouldn't last long here in the Pacific Northwest…) :D