Friday, September 18, 2015

making patterns and pizza;)

It's true. My kinders from last year are all grown up and are my neighbors on our south campus:) We jumped right in with a line lesson that had them making patterns, pizzas, and other shapes too!

I used the work of Kim McCarthy as the inspiration for this one. Her multi-faceted creative company is called UrbanSoule. I love her use of pattern on many different surfaces and how she often juxtaposes these patterns with figurative elements.

We started the lesson by identifying examples of what and what isn't a pattern made with line. We talked about the importance of repeating for a pattern to be a pattern. Then we looked at how lines, and contour lines specifically, can create all sorts of shapes. We wrapped up the intro by looking at how Kim used both functions of line in several pieces found on her website.

We started by adding 3 lines to our paper. One from top to bottom, one from some point on the first, and one from some point on the 2nd. We then added line patterns to each shape we made on the paper. We added color stick color to each section with the same color that our patterns were.

For the shape step, we all got smaller white squares to draw any shape. 2 requirements for this step- draw as big as possible and to be aware that you will have to cut out the shape when done. We traced our shapes in black sharpie and added pencil gray to parts if we wanted. Then we cut them out and glued them on. To wrap things up, we wrote a sentence together that described the 2 ways we used line in our project. Boom!
1st grade is off to a great start!

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  1. These are GREAT!! I always love using black and white vs. color and this is a super way to have little ones do that right at their developmental level!!