Wednesday, August 23, 2017

a long time ago...

I have been away from blogging for a long time! Our Zamo students were super creative over that stretch. Digital art experiences, collaborative learning opportunities, a mural was made, our 30th annual Celebration of Art took place... and I didn't document those activities at all here:( I did continue to share happenings on the Shine Brite Zamorano fb and instagram pages, so if you are curious what was going on at Zamo all that time, you can check out those social media sources.

Today teachers are officially back at work at our school sites. My room was deep cleaned over the summer and that has encouraged me to purge a lot of items that had not been used in quite awhile. My room feels brighter and lighter. Most of my cleaning is done and now it's time to set up my new color printer and 3d printer. Wish me luck- I can use new fangled technology alright, but I'm not the best at installing it;)

I'm also prepping materials for our annual first week large scale collaborative art installation.

Stay tuned...

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