Monday, December 6, 2010

say cheese. part two.

The first 4 1st grade classes finished up their animal portraits today. Many students were chomping at the bit to add color, and they had their opportunity today. I demonstrated adding patterns of color to shapes and then applying a wet brush over top to create a watercolor effect.  I also showed them how to mix their secondary colors from their primary color markers, by alternating the colors next to one another or by drawing the darker of the 2 primaries over top of the lighter one.

The students had created these colors by mixing primary color crayons, so it was an opportunity for them to practice mixing in a different medium.

Using the water soluble markers to paint is such a good introduction to watercolor. The clean up is minimal, cakes of paint are not gouged, brushes are not jacked up. I love it and the students get to see how to use a "regular" drawing material like markers in a different way.

Inspired by the terrific paintings of Matte Stephens. He has an art exhibit opening at Subtext Gallery right here in San Diego this Friday. I am hoping to check it out while it's up. Maybe a field trip is in order...

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