Monday, March 31, 2014

3 is the magic number:)

the force was strong at naea14.

NAEA 2014 is in the books! 3 whirlwind days of attending sessions and meeting art ed peeps. I'm looking forward to NOLA 2015 already:)

On my way down to the conference today, I stopped in the East Village to document a few of the murals I had been passing by each morning. It's nice to see the public art realm growing and thriving in San Diego. It's about time...

Day 3 started with a fantastic session by Phil Hansen. He just had is new website, goodbye art academy, go live today. It's full of info for kids and teachers. Some very cool introduction videos that the kids will love! A lot of it is breaking down fear in art and creation. A couple lines stood out in particular-
"Creativity is the currency of the 21st century." So true.
"The repetition of the mundane bears a deeper state of mind and this is where creativity can happen." Amen.

There was a pretty cool session on play and ideation and how to use play in the classroom to engage kids and encourage visual and spatial exploration.

I also attended a session by Mario Torero, who is responsible for numerous murals in San Diego's Chicano Park. He led a charismatic discussion on politics, art, and healing communities.

So much information gathered in the last 3 days. I'm glad I have some time off to digest it all. I continued to meet more great art educators from near and far, and I look forward to growing these connections and relationships in the future.



  1. We've got some rad street art in San Diego.mmthanks for posting the mural pics. Enjoy your break!

  2. Hey man!! Joy to meet you in person....Hope you ca.n come to Nashville at some point!