Sunday, March 30, 2014

naea. day 2!

Another great day downtown at the national conference. Got to check out a bunch of kick butt sessions and continued to meet new, fascinating, creative people.  I also got to witness the atmosphere and optimism outside the ballpark down there as it was the home opener for the Padres today. It'll probably be the happiest Padres fans will be all season. Ba da bing!

Han was my co-pilot today. 

I caught an on point common core session to start the day, followed by one on working with minecraft in the art room. Learned about minecraftedu and some interesting ways of integrating it into my curriculum. My students would LOVE this.

I would really like to start getting more digital explorations into my instruction, so I also went to a session led by Katie Hatch of ipad Studio that was focused on using ipads to do work and play through a big idea curriculum. Got a number of new processes and apps to play with!

Took the opportunity to listen to Ted of Art with Mr. E talk about the blogging process, and in turn I reflected on the purpose and goals of my own blog. Reflect, promote and celebrate, collaborate.

Jessica Balsley and the team at the Art of Education hosted a meet and greet for bloggers today and I was able to talk with somw wonderful readers and writers/art gurus like Ted, Nic of Mini Matisse, Phyl of There's a Dragon in My Art Room, Ian Sands of the Art of Apex High, and Cassie of, well, Cassie Stephens:) Got to spend some more quality time with Rina of K-6Art and her North County peeps too.

a serious bunch;)
Good times, indeed!

Continued to make a small drawing at each session today. I caught myself thinking ahead to later this week when I'll be off from school for the start of spring break and I couldn't help getting a little giddy at the prospect of drawing for an extended period of time in our art studio, Ethel! I also started thinking about what incentives I'll be using to get my son to come with me as I document some more of the mid century architecture in San Diego...

Until tomorrow. Shine brite.

minecraft and spills on my shoe.


  1. It was a totes rad time, let's do it again! Get one of Han or Luke to use the force and make it happen, pretty please! have a great rest of the school year, dude!

    1. will do! Han is still more comfortable using a blaster, so it'll have to be luke;)