Saturday, March 29, 2014

NAEA so far...


This is my first visit to the national NAEA conference and I am loving it so far!

It started with hosting a couple tours of Zamo and then I headed down today to the convention center for the first full day of sessions.

The first one I went to was called "Comics! Art, literacy, and learning." 3 different speakers about the use of comics/graphic novels to engage student artists and struggling readers. Of the 3, Josh Elder from reading with pictures stood out.

Kerry Freedman also spoke and dropped this interesting quote, "Art is a commodity and a love that floats." Love it.

Then I went to Katherine Pohl's session on melding Pac Man and Mondrian! Very cool:)

Checked out Andrew Watson's session on the art of video games. Got some info on some basic programming and animation sites to apply to the elementary level. Thinking my son (aka "the boy")  would love to try some of this out:)

At the end of the day I caught Nancy Walkup's session with Elementary Colleagues. It was at this one that I got to personally meet Ted  of Art with Mr. E and Patty of Deep Space Sparkle. I also got to catch up with Rina from K-6Art and her North county artners in crime. I got to hear many different, yet similar art educator stories from this one.

Can't wait for the next two days! So many sessions to see, so many people to meet:)

early morning coffee in the yard:)

one of Josh Elder's images:)

5 sessions. 4 sketches.

drawing of me drawing. by rama from glendale.

ted of art with mr. e!

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  1. I love the coffee in the yard photo - such warm rich color, unlike the grays and brown around here (though it won't be long before green starts to pop).