Friday, March 28, 2014

NAEA tour of Zamo!

We just finished hosting a tour of Zamo for attendees of the national conference. What a great experience. A wonderful group of art educators came out to check out our art instruction and mural program. They got to visit with each of our art teachers (all 5 of us!) and got a peek into some of the things that make our site such a strong example of a school that nurtures the creative process in our students.

Let spring break begin!

 old guy talking.

 the group:)

 VP Don Nitzel addressing the group.

 Danielle Guimond discussing photo and fashion design.

Cynthia Pothier sharing her 5th grade pottery wheel program.

 Visiting with Kathi Arinduque doing tempera batiks.

Melony Vance (left) talking about her instruction.


  1. Wow - wish I could be a part of all this Cali fun I'm seeing online this weekend! Your school looks great and I love the style of the murals.