Friday, March 14, 2014

chilling at the pool.

The 3rd graders are identifying and creating movement in art this week. Like the kinders, they looked at the work of painter David Hockney for inspiration. We looked at a couple paintings from his LA pool paintings and identified that he created movement by using wavy lines and by using lines to create a splash.

We then drew out a pool shape together. After that, students were free to add any details they wanted to. Students colored everything except the water with color sticks. I reminded them about using light and dark to make things look more real like we did on their lego mini fig selfies from a few weeks ago. Many students added some realism by doing this on things in their drawings.

When it came to the water, students approached it with crayon resist. They pressed hard with white crayons to create the wavy motion lines and then painted the water and sky with cool color watercolors.

I started the week with a different composition in mind, but switched because I felt the overhead point of view was a bit too challenging for them.

 Hello Kitty makes everything better;)


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  1. Terrific. I love David Hockney but always found it challenging to find ways to interpret with kids. Both of these Hockney lesson (this one and the Splash one) are perfect for this. Thanks.