Wednesday, March 19, 2014

naea is almost a week away!

Wow. The national conference taking place in San Diego is right around the corner! Anyone out there sign up for the tour of my school scheduled for Friday, March 28th from 10-12?

I'm expecting 25 people and I'm curious if I'll see any familiar faces that day:)

I guess I gotta clean up my mess of an art room;)


  1. Bummer...won't get to SD till 5 on Friday! Hope we can meet up at some point!

  2. A little too far for me this year - but hoping to see all y'all in my part f the country next year - New Orleans!

  3. I won't be on your tour, but I hope to get to meet you while I'm at the conference! Good luck with your tour - remember, ALL art teachers know what a mess an art room can be; it means your students are enriched and engaged, and that a lot of productive stuff is going on! It's OK to neaten up, but be proud of your mess!

    1. True enough, Phyl. It's a working mess:) Looking forward to meeting you too. Are you staying with Rina?