Thursday, March 20, 2014

mixing in spring:)

This week the kinders continued working with color and they got to mix primaries to make secondaries for the first time this year. I used an illustration by Adrienne Looman for this color exploration.

We spent a few minutes at the beginning of class identifying things the kids saw in the image- natural shapes, geometric shapes, and colors. I then talked about how you can take the primary colors and mix them together in different pairs to make new colors.

We drew out our composition lightly in pencil together. Near the end of this, I told students they could add elements to their drawing if they had big, empty spaces.

We started the coloring with yellow. I asked them to color 2 or 3 parts of each thing yellow, then they colored 1 or 2 parts red, followed by a part or 2 blue. We got mixing at that point. The kids got a kick out of seeing how the colors changed.

At the end of the lesson, I posted 3 sentences about color mixing that they could choose from for their exit sentence. We read them aloud together and they chose one to write.

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