Friday, March 21, 2014

warming up and moving up.

The 3rd graders continued to work with movement and color this week. They looked at warm colors in art and we discussed how different types of line could create different types of movement in art. We also talked about how just the direction a line is going can create a bit of motion in an artwork.

I shared 2 images with them for this project. The first was the atari logo and thte other was a skateboard design that looks like it was inspired by the atari logo a little bit.

Students started by shaping their decks out of a long rectangle piece of paper. They drew their city sky line next and filled it in with black. Next, they decided what kind of motion they wanted to create in their sky and added pencil lines to convey it. These lines were traced in black crayon and they could then paint their sky with both warm and cool colors. I showed students how they could make a colo darker or bolder by painting it, moving onto another part, and then going back and adding another coat of that color.

Here are a couple shots of my new buddy in the classroom. I now have a true master watching over my instruction;) I tend to carry around star wars figures in my pocket from time to time.

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  1. Hi Don. Love Nate's design. Clearly the force was with him. Nice project.