Monday, April 28, 2014

just keep swimming...

We are back in session at Zamo after a wonderful month long spring break, that for me, began with the tremendous NAEA conference and ended with a fabulous family camping trip up in Malibu.

This week the 2nd graders are focusing on symmetry, analogous colors, and purpose in art with the help of artist Erik Abel. I have used Erik's work a few times the past couple of years to help kids explore color, style, and value.

We are looking at a couple of skateboard designs that he made to support the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Not only does Erik do some very cool visual work, but he is also very generous with his skills and work to support various causes and groups.

There is a cool time lapse video of Erik creating the two decks on vimeo.

Students identify how there are parts of the decks that are mirror images of each other, that show symmetry. The students also pick up on the areas that don't show symmetry. I also point out that Erik often uses colors that go well together, color families.

When students get designing, they choose one of these families to work with, as well as white,black, gray, and browns.

The decks are made by folding the brown paper to create a line of symmetry and drawing only half of their fish shape. This is glued to black paper and trimmed to create a border around the fish. Students break up the fish into 3 or 4 parts and draw patterns in pencil. 

Cool results so far and I'm looking forward to more:)

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